3 Wire Connectors, Electrical Self-stripping Pigtail Connectors

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3 Wire Connectors, Electrical Self-stripping Pigtail Connectors

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Product description Size: 20 pieces, 50 pieces Main specifications: 1. Operating environment: temperature -30 C ~ + 70 C. 2. Relative humidity: lt;85% air pressure: 70-106 kPa 3. Insulation resistance: insulation resistance between any two terminals ? 1 10 M? (normal temperature and humidity method) 4. Contact resistance: The contact resistance between the wiring card and the conductor is ?5 m? 5. Dielectric strength: A direct voltage of 2000 V (or 1400 V) is applied between the metal wires of the connected module and the insulating shell (sleeve, leather), and the module is not damaged within 1 minute or there is a spark failure. Feature: 1. ?Material?: High quality ABS material | Fast, safe, reliable, After installation, vigorously tighten wire until it is locked, then cut the wire. 2. ?Easy installation?: Up to 3 connectable wires | Application: 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm wire diameter, dimensions: depth = 24 mm width = 23 mm height = 17 mm (by connection). 3. ?Waterproof design? These connectors are completely waterproof, resins to protect against moisture and provide a firm connection. 4. ?PREMIUM BUILT? ? Our electrical pigtail connectors are made of flame-retardant nylon and their special silicone gel keeps the moisture away from the connection. The internal construction of the brass elements ensures good conductivity and is tinned to prevent corrosion. 5. ?Application?: Widely used in lighting, electricity and automotive wiring, for the motor, electrical control, power supply, home appliances, lighting and mechanical wire connectors. 6. ?FAST, EASY AND EASY TO USE? ? Just push - no pulling or twisting. Simply insert the wires into the electrical connection of the pigtail and press the blue cap together using a crimping tool. This saves time and ensures a reliable and permanent connection.

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