Digital 4-20ma 0.5-10v Voltage Signal Generator 0-20ma Current Transmitter Professional Electronic

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Digital 4-20ma 0.5-10v Voltage Signal Generator 0-20ma Current Transmitter Professional Electronic

Digital 4-20ma 0.5-10v Voltage Signal Generator 0-20ma Current Transmitter Professional Electronic

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The range of this signal generator is 0-10V/0-22mA, which provides a of digital signal generators with all-digital encoder adjustment . Compared with resistance adjustment, it avoids the temperature and offset band. To solve the drift problem, the digital adjustment is more accurate and convenient, and the setting functions are more abundant. 4 power supply modes: external DC15-30V/USB-5V/built-in lithium battery /; emergency AC transformer power supply (AC12-24V); One-key switching of voltage and current adjustment, wiring, and simultaneous output Current output 2, 3, 4-wire system, passive and active are fully compatible; The output has short-circuit protection, the power supply has no polarity access, and has DC bridge isolation protection; Output range: 0-3.3/5/10/2-10/1-5V... 0-20/0-22/4-20mA... Multiple display modes: voltage and current/100.0% percentage/50.0HZ...; Coarse and fine-tuning dual mode, the number of adjustment circles can be set; Lithium battery charge and discharge overcurrent protection, automatic charge management, power indicator The encoder knob is 360-degree infinitely adjustable, stable and durable, unlike the adjustable potentiometer, which is affected by temperature and humidity, and the carbon brush becomes thinner and thinner after prolonged use, and the resistance value changes 4-digit high-brightness digital tube, two-digit decimal point high-precision adjustment, and the output can be calibrated High-grade aluminum alloy knobs, electroplated buttons, beautiful shell, comfortable to hold Pluggable terminals, easy to install and carry Working voltage: DC24V (allowable range: DC12V ~ 30V). Working current: power 1W (not charging)/5W (charging); maximum charging current 0.8A; External microUSB- 5V current 0.2A(not charging)/1A (charging); Voltage output 0-10V adjustable, accuracy 0.01V can be calibrated, maximum current 100mA, short circuit protection; Current output 0-22mA adjustable accuracy 0.01mA can be calibrated; Current sampling resistance 10-500 ohms, can be short-circuited; The digital tube displays 4 digits and two decimal ; 20 additions and subtractions per turn of the encoder knob; Working temperature: -0C~50C Working humidity: 0~95%RH Storage temperature: -40C~85C :ELECTRICAL Supplies:ElectricalDisplay color:White Material:plastic Package Contents: 1 x signal generator (built-in battery) 1 set x test leads 1 x USB cable Only the above package content, other products are not included. Note: Light and different displays may cause the color of the item in the a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

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