Progress Vulfix Shaving Soap Tablet - Small

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Progress Vulfix Shaving Soap Tablet - Small

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PROGRESS VULFIX SHAVING SOAP TABLET - SMALL PRODUCT The Progress Vulfix Shaving Soap Tablet is perfect for popping into your favourite mug or bowl. It will sit at the bottom of the mug or bowl ready for use. This shaving soap is rich and produces an excellent lather, promising a clean shave with a soft, supple touch to the skin. 2oz/55g Tablet. Made in Isle of Man - United Kingdom. HOW TO USE Simply work the top of the soap with a wet (not soaking) shaving brush until the bristles are 'loaded' with shaving soap. Now apply the soap to the areas to be shaved, using  the shaving brush in a strong circular motion. This softens the bristles and also raises them ready for shaving. RECOMMENDED FOR All skin types GROOMING TIP Whilst taking a shower soak your shaving brush in hot water. When you are finished your shower, both your stubble and brush will be ready for a shave   INGREDIENTS  

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