Pursuit Force Extreme Justice [Platinum] PSP Game

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Pursuit Force Extreme Justice [Platinum] PSP Game

Hinta: 45,95 €
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Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is the sequel to the fast-paced arcade-action game Pursuit Force that fused driving and combat mechanics to create a unique gaming experience. The rookie police officer in the first Pursuit Force is now the Cop Commander of the Pursuit Force division, with a new team behind him and a host of new gangs and boss vehicles to defeat. Extreme Justice begins as the Convict gang from Pursuit Force escape from prison and instantly attack at the Pursuit Force Cop's wedding to another Pursuit Force recruit. This calls the Chief of Police to convene Pursuit Force back at the precinct. The Chiefs informants have indicated that several other major gangs are now converging on Capital City and no-one knows why now... but something just isn't right Features: Massive Boss Battles: Leap aboard massive boss vehicles such as tank, train and even wings of an airplane to do battle with the ruthless enemy lieutenants New Gangs and Vehicles: Meet New Gangs and the Syndicate, raiders and Vipers each with new vehicles such as bike and sidecar, Jet-skis and the super-cool hovercraft.
  • Fruugo ID: 46406761-93181950
  • EAN: 0711719164944
  • Myynyt: Gamereload

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