Pack Of 3 Mango Soft Nourishing Foot Mask

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Pack Of 3 Mango Soft Nourishing Foot Mask

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Name: Mango Soft Nourishing Foot Mask Net Weight: 1.4 fl oz/pair * 3 pieces raw material: Water, alcohol, urea, sodium laureth sulfate, lactic acid, mango (Mango) fruit extract, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, salicylic acid, disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide, hydroxyethyl cellulose Vinegar, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Aroma. Effect Enriched with fruit acid, lactic acid and mango plant extracts, it can effectively soften calluses and remove old dead skin cells and dirt from the feet. In addition, a variety of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients work to make the skin soft, delicate and smooth, preventing rough and chapped, and making your feet more and more delicate. Consumption patterns: 1. It is recommended to soak your feet in hot water or wear a swimsuit, the effect will be better. 2. First spread the essence in the bag and smooth it out, then cut the mouth of the bag to take out the foot mask, and put it on barefoot (like wearing socks). 3. Put the tight socks on the outside and let the essence of the foot mask stick to the skin (45-60 minutes). 4. After 45-60 minutes, remove the membrane and rinse the feet with water (the feet are unresponsive at this time). 5. Wait patiently for 4-7 days, the feet will be a little scrubbed (you can wash your feet properly during this time). 6. After starting to peel, soak your feet in hot water for 30 minutes at night, preferably every day, which can speed up the metabolism of dead skin and make peeling faster. 7. This product does not hurt the new skin. The thick skin of the feet and the elderly can be used continuously until it is removed, once every 3 days. Applicable skin: Various skins. Precautions If you have sensitive skin, please do some skin sensitivity test before use, there is no irritation after the test, then you can use it. Storage situation: Please keep away from light and avoid direct sunlight

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