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Parker 97R Safety Razor

Valmistaja Parker

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PARKER �97R DOUBLE EDGE (DE) SAFETY RAZOR PRODUCT The Parker 97R Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor is a beautifully finished 3 piece razor. The handle is chromed brass with precision milling along the whole section which allows for a superior grip even when hands are wet. The matching base allows for easy blade swapping and also adds the finishing touch to an eye catching razor. The groove near the base of the handle allows the finger to sit naturally in it, giving a balanced feel to the razor when shaving. The razor sits comfortably in the hand. and the weight is evenly distributed along the length of the handle, achieving a well balanced easy to use razor. The handle is topped with a plated brass head which is finished in Polished Chrome. An elegant looking razor and a popular favourite. PRODUCT IS ALSO SUPPLIED WITH A FREE PACK OF ASTRA PLATINUM DOUBLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES WITH A RETAIL PRICE OF �2.95. HOW TO USE The Razor head is released by unscewing the handle and lifting the cover clear to insert the blade. Slot the head cover back in place, screw and tighten the handle and you're ready to go - Simple RECOMMENDED FOR All skin types. GROOMING TIP A razor stand will allow you to store your razor at an angle to allow excess moisture to drain away naturally. This prevents damage caused by damp and helps to extend the life of your razor. � DIMENSIONS A. OVERALL LENGTH 84MM B. HANDLE LENGTH 75MM C. HEAD WIDTH 41MM [safety-razor-outline.jpg] Weight: 88g. � � Made in India

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