The Settlers Rise of an Empire PC Game

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The Settlers Rise of an Empire PC Game

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In The Settlers VI: Rise Of An Empire, the player builds lively, bustling towns in a medieval world. Everything is visible, lovingly animated and realistic. Each settler has his or her own daily routine, with a range of different actions and behaviours that can be observed by the player at all times. This enables him to get the best out of his Settlers, build up a flourishing economy, tend to his settlers` needs, and protect his empire against danger from the outside. By expanding his empire, the player can aspire to becoming a legendary king or queen. The most popular features of the predecessors in the series have been retained, and many of the fans desires and wishes were incorporated into the new game to create a very special Settlers atmosphere. The result is a realistic medieval world, captured in intricate detail. The game features an immersive, yet transparent economic system based on the resources, wares and goods produced by the settlers in their various trades and occupations. The game's instant accessibility and gentle learning curve ensure long-lasting fun - even in advanced game missions, new features are introduced. All interventions by the player are reflected in the behaviour of his subjects and made transparent through the animations in the game world. Starting with a small settlement, the player builds up flourishing towns, maintains trade relations, and claims land and villages. This requires diplomatic skills. Mining, gathering resources, and food production result from wise planning and the various occupations of the settlers. Goods transport is optimized through skilful road planning. Upgrading buildings step-by-step improves the effectiveness of the economy and towns. By hiring travelling entertainers and organizing fairs, the player acts as a matchmaker by enabling male and female settlers to get to know each other. The player can build walls to protect his towns from enemy attacks. In military actions, the player mu
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