Large LED Flickering Tea Light, Christmas Table Display, Waterproof, Flame Free.

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Large LED Flickering Tea Light, Christmas Table Display, Waterproof, Flame Free.

Valmistaja Aqua Crystal

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Floating LED candles create a glowing ambience on a pond, pool or any standing water feature. Battery operated floating candles are ideal for creating beautiful illuminated centrepieces. The soft flickering Warm White glow turns a vase, bowl or any water filled container into an illuminating display. - Plastic battery operated floating candle lights. - Size: 2.25 inch diameter x 1.75 inch height (including flame). - Each light includes 2 x CR2032 batteries. - 12 additional batteries included for convenience if you buy a box of 6. - On/Off: screw top and base tightly to light, unscrew to turn off light. - Waterproof when tightly sealed in the ON position. - Safe for use in fire restricted venues. Floating waterproof flameless candles will add a glow of light to a pond, pool, water feature or glass bowl. The plastic housing is white and not the colour of the light until it’s activated. The flickering light gives a soft glow and provides a safe, scent-free alternative to real flame. We sell these lights individually or as a box of 6 and each light includes two batteries, making them ready to use. if you purchase a box of 6 lights then there are 12 extra batteries included for your convenience. Please note: The body is made of white plastic and the light that is emitted by the LED is Warm White. The body absorbs the colour given off from the LED flame only when the light is illuminated in the dark. The intensity of the colour absorbed is determined by how dark the room is. Our item images show what the unit looks like illuminated in a dark room with no other lighting as well as in a daylit room. Lights are safe indoor and outdoor lights, no heat, flame or scent to worry about.These lights will not sink to the bottom, they will float on their own. These lights are NOT designed to be submersed. It is possible to submerse these lights, but please note that leaking may occur which will damage unit. Note: To turn ON, twist clockwise and to create a water tight seal. Twist counter-clockwise to turn OFF. To replace battery, first make sure unit is dry. Open candle housing by twisting top and bottom halves in opposite directions. Carefully remove old battery and replace with two new CR2032 batteries and make sure that Plus (+) side of the battery is face down. Dispose of old battery properly. To prevent internal corrosion, remove batteries after each use.

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