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Vitos Shaving Soap Block - 1Kg

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VITOS SHAVING SOAP BLOCK �- 1KG PRODUCT Imported from Italy, this classic shave cream soap 'block' is tallow based and the original Vitos shaving soap. With an almond overtone it is easily worked into a very rich and thick lather and provides for an excellent shave. It is a semi-soft soap so easily transferable into your favourite shaving bowl or mug. This is a large 'professional' format 1kg block. Made in Italy. HOW TO USE This block should be reduced in size and can be warmed slightly and then molded to a pot. Simply work the top of the soap with a wet (not soaking) shaving brush until the bristles are 'loaded' with shaving soap. Now apply the soap to the areas to be shaved, using � the shaving brush in a strong circular motion. This softens the hairs and also raises them ready for shaving. When finished briefly rinse the top of the soap and shake excess water off. A great size to divide and share with friends RECOMMENDED FOR All skin types GROOMING TIP Whilst taking a shower soak your shaving brush in hot water. When you are finished your shower both your stubble and brush will be ready for a shave � INGREDIENTS Stearic acid, hydrogenated tallow, water, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hexametaphosphate, talc, benzaldehide.

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