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Parker 42R Mach 3 Safety Razor

Valmistaja Parker

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PARKER �42R MACH 3 SAFETY RAZOR PRODUCT This unique razor from Parker brings a futuristic design to traditional safety razor shaving. The gunmetal grey finish gives it a somewhat sinister yet unquestionably stylish look. The weight of the razor is divided uniformly throughout, making it incredibly balanced and well suited to shaving with even gentle strokes. The Razor features the distinctive Parker ��butterfly �� opening mechanism whereby the handle is twisted to open the head which is undoubtedly the simplest and safest way to insert safety razor blades. PRODUCT The Parker 42R Mach 3 Safety Razor is a contemporary Parker model. Fully compatible with Gillette Mach 3 blades it combines traditional design with a modern cartridge system. A beautifully finished razor, featuring a � brass handle with a black milled finish along the full section, which allows for a superior grip even when hands are wet. �The razor sits comfortably in the hand. and the weight is evenly distributed along the length of the handle, achieving a well balanced easy to use razor. An elegant looking razor and a popular favourite. HOW TO USE Holding the razor head away from yourself, click the black button to the rear of the head. The Mach 3 cartridge will disengage and then can �be carefully discarded. Take the new set of cartridges and without removing the cartridge from the dispenser, push the head of the razor �into a cartridge until you feel a small click. Now simply pull the razor & cartridge clear of the dispenser and you are ready to go RECOMMENDED FOR All skin types. GROOMING TIP Replace razor blades frequently and before feeling any 'razor drag' for a close, smooth shave that is free of irritation. � DIMENSIONS WEIGHT 65G A. OVERALL LENGTH 135MM B. HANDLE LENGTH 123MM C. HEAD WIDTH 41MM [safety-razor-outline.jpg]

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